Abu Dhabi Judicial Department

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department Improves Criminal-Prosecution Case Management
by Integrating Its Criminal Justice System Technology

Since its creation in 2006, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) has optimized the emirate’s judicial service to guarantee that it meets international, professional standards. Based on its belief in the importance of the judiciary system for the stability and development of Abu Dhabi, ADJD ensures best practices to produce fair, justice-based, and legally sound outcomes.

Oracle Customer:

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Public Sector




  • Automate more than 30 major processes in the criminal-case-prosecution lifecycle, including case initiation, petition, registration, investigation and evidence, handling decisions, court referrals, court-ordered executions, and judgments.
  • Ensure adherence to due-process workflows, process automation, and document handling between key decisions points, such as law enforcement and the court.
  • Empower decision-makers with relevant business analytics and business intelligence to improve decision-making and management reporting to ensure a fair and transparent judiciary system.
  • Establish an integrated, back-end, real-time case management system coupled with electronic and mobile services to give registered citizens and employees direct access.

A word from Abu Dhabi Judicial Department

“Abu Dhabi Judicial Department pioneered a unique judicial system—the first one worldwide based on Oracle’s Siebel Case Management platform. We are proud to have successfully achieved such a massive undertaking. Since its launch, the system has significantly improved our judicial service’s quality, efficiency, and speed. Thanks to Oracle Business Intelligence dashboards, the
system gives us real-time insight and enables us to improve our decision-making.”

Rashed Saqer Obaid Al Dhaheri, Director IT Bureau, Abu Dhabi Judicial Department


  • Used Oracle’s Siebel Case Management to build an integrated, modern public prosecution management system (PPS) to support ADJD’s core operations across public prosecution, courts, and judicial services, ensuring the organization can meet its objective to act on behalf of society to maintain rights, truth, and public trust in a fair and impartial judicial system.
  • Used Siebel Public Sector Case Management’s enterprise application integration and e-service capabilities for rapid development, integration, and deployment of new e-services and mobile services.
  • Used the new PPS to automate processes between key decision points and improve case throughput with adherence to due processes—for example, referring cases received from law enforcement in near-real-time to the court—substantially accelerating prosecution.
  • Increased citizens’ access to the judicial system through electronic and mobile channels that are available 24/7, enabling them to access ADJD’s e-services—electronic notary services, marriage contracts, family guidance, and customer suggestions and complaints—in a transparent manner at all times, ensuring integrity and promoting public trust in the judiciary system.
  • Used Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition across the entire PPS to deploy reports—including operational and analytical key performance indicators—that business users can adjust without technical help.
  • Improved decision support by making near-real-time information, such as electronic case entries, available to business users and delivering reports and dashboards on mobile devices and smartphones, 24/7.
  • Ensured judicial case accuracy, substantially reduced paper handling, and cut data-transfer times by seamlessly integrating case documents into a third-party document-management system with management and electronic document exchange supported by Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager.
  • Collaborated with Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services to validate the technical architecture and configurations and complete performance tunings at key stages of the PPS implementation process.

Oracle Product and Services

  • Siebel Case Management
  • Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services

Why Oracle

“No out-of-the-box solution meets the complex needs of the justice domain. To accelerate development and deployment, ADJD chose Siebel Case Management to build the solution on a baseline case management platform with robust workflow and integration capabilities, an extensible data model, and a highly configurable user interface. With the Oracle deployment, ADJD contributed significantly to safeguarding the rule of law through a fair and impartial judiciary and transparent case handling,” said Rashed Saqer Obaid Al Dhaheri, director, IT Bureau, Abu Dhabi Judicial Department.

Implementation Process

ADJD relied on an internal team with profound skills in Oracle’s Siebel technology to build the core applications and solution design architecture and governance for its out-of-the-box PPS. ADJD worked with Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services to validate the technical architecture and configurations and complete performance tunings at key stages.


Following a public tender, ADJD chose to work with Oracle Partners Emitac and Speridian Dubai for their development skills and experience in Oracle deployments in the region. Under ADJD governance and by combining onsite and off-site resources, Emitac and Speridian developed the solution, which is now supported by Oracle partner Speridian Dubai.

Oracle Partner

  • Emitac
  • Speridian Dubai

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