Intelligent Automation Services

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Experience Digital transformation with Intelligent Automation Services.

Our Intelligent Automation Services have experienced subject matter expertise that combines the benefits of robotic process automation with cognitive services/platforms to break down the limitations of run-book related automation and expand the capabilities of using Intelligent automation services.

When combined with our proven automation frameworks, enterprises will be able to truly engage in customer experience, as your automations will include decision making, analytics, and problem-solving features, in order to automate non-routine repetitive tasks, and implement operational efficiency across the enterprise.

We help our customers to transform their IT Landscape by adopting AI and Machine learning based Intelligent automation.

Robotic Automation Services

Enterprises across verticals adopt intelligent automation as a part of their digital transformation strategy to increase compliance and improve quality while reducing operational costs.

Enterprises that perform front-middle-back operations have to enhance their customer experience while adopting the agile and accuracy characteristics into their day-to-day operations utilizing Robotic Process Automation as part of their transformation journey.

Intelligent automation


Focused Team with
Outstanding Outcomes

Our DevOps services emphasize communication, collaboration, and integration between software developers and IT operations.

Rather than seeing these two groups as silos who pass things along but don’t really work together, our DevOps consulting services recognize the interdependence of software development and IT operations and help an organization produce software and IT services more rapidly, with frequent iterations.

Cognitive Services

Cognitive services do not replace the human element, but rather extend the human’s capabilities to perform tasks faster, bringing in more efficiency and obtain sustainability with the various touch points an event can be managed.

E.g., humans with machines.

Data with Actionable Insights. You with your customers. The power of “with” has never been greater. We help companies harness that power of cognitive enterprise to identify unique advantages by adopting the cognitive journey to move faster with greater precision, to pinpoint truths that improve decision-making, and to create beneficial connections with customers.

At Emitac Digital transformation is all about the “With” and customer experience across business units in an enterprise


Chatbots (Assistant)


It is becoming evident that chatbots will eventually replace most of the front-office we are used to. With messaging apps usage on the rise, chatbots are all the rage now. The emergence of multiple bot development platforms and availability of natural language processing engines have enabled faster deployments of chatbots.

At Emitac we help our customers automate with Intelligence & Human touch, several of their conversations with their website visitors, employees, customers and suppliers.

Our solution based on omnipresence on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Skype for business, Bing, Slack, etc., coupled with high end security on the messages, increases business revenue and operational efficiencies, reduces expenditure, and creates a new digital platform for customers.

Emitac solutions bring in the fastest turnaround time and ensure instant results for various business functions of the organization.


Cost Optimisation


FTE Redeployment

Significant cost reduction in process operations. Engineers redeploy to other initiatives


Eliminate expensive integration needs

Our assistance can work smoothly across disparate systems at user level

Eliminate/Reduce losses

Our assistants can help eliminate losses due to system discrepancies or delays

Productivity Quality


Improved Quality

100% accuracy due to high repeatability and zero fatigue


Tens, hundreds of robots can be trained at exactly the same time through workflow creation

Higher Efficiency

Our assistance can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week handing thousands of transactions at the same time

Operational Efficiency


Improved Service Delivery and User Experience

Improved process quality, speed, governance, security, continuity


Operations Optimization

Significant cost reduction in process operations. Engineers redeploy to other initiatives


Regulatory Compliance

100% compliance stated regulatory requirements

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