November, 2021 – Emitac Enterprise Solutions has been appointed as the solution partner for Accuras in the UAE. Accuras is a UAE-based technology company that builds software solutions to maximise the value of technology platforms, data AI and ML to equip organizations with advanced, digital solutions and services. Accuras is the only distributor and implementer of US-based Delphix products and solutions in Nigeria, Turkey, Middle East and Africa. With the partnership with Emitac, it will now be able to extend its solutions and services delivery capability deeper into the UAE.

Happy about being onboarded as the exclusive partner for Accuras in the UAE, Antoine Abi Abad, the General Manager, Emitac Enterprise Solutions said, “Accuras is a well-recognized solution provider, and adding them to our list of vendors will be beneficial for Emitac’s business in the region. Through this association, we can deliver Delphix solutions that will help our customers accelerate innovation by rapidly delivering secure enterprise data, and also ensure that their non-production data remains secure and compliant as well. We are proud to be the solution partner for Accuras’ innovative, enterprise enhancing offerings.”

This is a time when enterprise applications are at the very core of digital transformation. Businesses and companies across industries must deliver fast, quality, and secure application releases to remain relevant and drive success. Programmable data infrastructure is a game-changer in this regard as it enables application data to be automated, secured for compliance, and delivered via APIs. This results in empowering digital transformation programs to run much faster and deliver higher quality, at a lower risk.

Positive about the association with Emitac, Ercan Eray, Managing Director from Accuras said, “Today, we are extremely delighted that we will bring programmable data capabilities to our clients in the UAE by partnering with Emitac. We believe that both the organizations, Accuras and Emitac, will create strong synergies through this collaboration as we strive to deliver customer-focused, top-quality solutions and services that truly add value.”

Emitac and Accuras have come together to offer their combined expertise for delivering transformational Delphix solutions that have been designed to give teams self-service access to production-quality data environments which can enable them to considerably accelerate innovation and significantly reduce data compliance risks. This association will open doors to new opportunities for both Emitac and Accuras in the region.


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