EES partners with Syngrafii Inc. to deliver unique, seamless, legally compliant & highly secured Signature Solutions throughout UAE.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (July 2018)

Emitac Enterprise Solutions (EES) today announced a new exclusive agreement with Syngrafii Inc., a leading provider of secure electronic document signature solutions, to provide their suite of solutions within enterprises and government organizations in UAE, addressing the demand for paper-free working environment in view of digital transformation vision. Enterprise and government customers in the EES footprint will now be able to enjoy the benefits and simplicity of Syngrafii’s solutions anytime, anywhere.

“This is the only solution in existence where the Leader can securely sign all documents including checks wherever they are in the world. This can be done from a mobile or tablet without the inconvenience of having to rush back to their offices or having the document sent to them for an essential original wet ink signature. Imagine the freedom!” says Bala Pandalangat, President & CEO Immediate Requirements Inc.

Syngrafii is delighted to be partnering with Emitac Enterprise Solutions (EES) in the UAE and looks forward to the significant adoption of the full range of Syngrafii electronic document signature solutions in the market” says Matthew Gibson, President & CEO Syngrafii. He expressed that the UAE and GCC countries will benefit very significantly from the unique patented offering of original wet ink signatures for paper and digital documents which are so important in the region. Speed to market & cost savings with electronic document delivery is a given for Syngrafii as for some others in the field, but none other than Syngrafii can offer original wet ink signatures in the digital channel.

Matthew highlighted that Syngrafii’s Patented Signature Solutions seamlessly integrates into existing corporate paper-based business processes and wraps them in a legally compliant, highly secure Internet-based digital delivery service that simplifies and speeds workflow and deal closings. Syngrafii signs Physical Paper and facilitates the execution of forensically defensible Digital Documents relying on over 100 years of contract case law. Syngrafii offers proprietary forensic audit tools that provide patented non-repudiation, compliance and security services that our customers confirm exceed the authenticity of a legal document signed in person at a bank branch, investor office or law firm.

Bala Pandalangat, President & CEO Immediate Requirements Inc., who bought together the partnership between EES and Syngrafii, believes it is a perfect match in UAE and beyond. Bala stressed that his tenure as a CEO of a major JV of Abu Dhabi Government in the past would have been so much easier with a LongPen™, and so too the lives of Chairmen, CEO’s CXO’s within Industry and Government, who’s wet ink signature in many documents are mandatory and time sensitive.

“In our day to day business lives, we are constantly required to have the physical presence of authorized signatories to sign various documents including contracts, checks, other banking documents and many other legal documents. Until today this needed to wait for the person to be physically available in the location. With the launch of the Syngrafii solution, we are today eliminating the need to have the physical presence of the authorized signatories to sign these documents. Your executive assistant in the office can verify the documents and then invite you for an online signing session. This can be done from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

We are very happy to bring this unique solution to the UAE market where innovation lives. We are launching at the right time where we have the upcoming vacation period where most of the executives have to restrict their vacation days due to the demands on their physical presence for signatures. “says Gautham Raj, CEO, Emitac Enterprise Solutions

About Emitac Enterprise Solutions

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About Syngrafii Inc


Syngrafii is a “Signature Company” that provides the proprietary option of executing original biometric ink signatures onto hard copy or electronic documents when and where you want. Syngrafii delivers an original one time use wet signatures in both LongPen™ & Syngrafii Paper™ solutions along with a detailed audit history for security, compliance, and non-repudiation. For more information, visit


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